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Wikinet is a wiki project whose primary purpose is to document and make fun of Brazilian (and Portuguese-language) Internet culture.

It began as a copy of Encyclopedia Dramatica. In the past, it was used to make fun of some Brazilian users of Uncyclopedia and Wikipedia, but since this was interpreted as cyberbullying, most of these pages were removed.

We drifted away from ED, because while ED has many articles with gore, nonsense and outright lies, we focus on telling the facts as close to the truth as possible, coloring them with paranoia, prejudice and, eventually, pornographic metaphors. After all, the Internet is for Porn!

Some of our articles are very instructive tutorials about almost everything that matters for wiki users, wiki administrators, or those who wish to use tools from the Internet (like Tin Eye, youtube-dl, etc).

Most of the recent activity has been dedicated to:

  • documenting every Portuguese-language imageboard and the people who became famous posting there
  • analyzing every site that is important according to Alexa
  • writing a comprehensive History of the Internet, beginning even in the 19th century, and, recently, detailing what happened each year

If you participate in a project that is similar to this, and you wish to cooperate (by changing interwikis or ideas), just look at Wikinet:Interwiki cooperation or the Ukranian project uk:Енциклопедія Драматика:До вікіспівпраці. Both pages are in English (so you won't need the crappy translation given by Google Translator to understand).