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A Puta de Roma

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(Redirecionado de Catolicismo Romano)
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Abhor that arrant whore of Rome,
And all her blasphemies,
And drink not of her cursed cup;
Obey not her decrees.

—New England Primer, 1688[1][2][3]

The Catholic system is adverse to liberty, and the clergy to a great extent are dependent on foreigners opposed to the principles of our government, for patronage and support.

—Lyman Beecher, Plea for the West[4]

The Roman Catholic Church, it needs to be remembered, is quite literally an un-American institution. It is not democratic. The Church’s views on due process and on the status of women, to name just a couple of key issues, are sharply at odds with those that inform the laws of American secular society. And its principal policies are established by the Vatican in Rome.

—David R. Boldt, Philadelphia Inquirer, 1990[5]

A Puta de Roma é uma organização de sanguessugas pedofílicas.

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