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>>Why does this game that's had some of the best top 8 action of any series at Evo get a Sunday slot?
>I'd much rather watch Armada, Hungrybox, Mango, Mew2King and some random assortment of Plup/Westballz/(insert top 12 player here) fight for the 20th tournament in a row

This is why your game isn't on on Sunday. It's basically a solved game at this point. Forget about age, forget about muh displays, forget about your obnoxious fucking fanbase for five seconds and think about how utterly stale Melee is. You can claim the game is growing all you want, but there is zero variation in the part of the community that actually plays the game. There are a handful of good players left while the scrubs fight for scraps at the bottom of the battle. There is no Spark who played a mid-to-low character in Continuum Shift and pulls the tournament out from underneath everyone's nose. There is no Gamerbee from Thailand playing a character nobody gave a shit about and slaying veterans left and right. There is no Noah, a literal child that was able to win games by abusing the shit out of super armor.
Melee has no progression. Top 4 is all but guaranteed and the only reason it wouldn't be is if you put all four on the same side of the bracket for some reason. We can only the same four people fight so many times before it gets stale. You have more people watching and sitting in the crowd booing games that aren't yours, but nobody's actually playing at a level that's acceptable for competition. Melee is past that point. The complexity of the game has caught up to it, you can't possibly match a decade of experience and muscle memory, it's just never going to happen. So nobody new is playing the game, and the gap between the top 10 players and everyone else is huge, and there's no online scene to speak of. There are more new people SHITPOSTING ABOUT MELEE than actually putting time into the game.
Eat shit, but considering you're defending Melee you probably already do.



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